Recycle Organic Waste

We separate food waste from other non-organic waste, and donate the food waste to a local farmer for feeding pigs.

Food Recovery Program

We rescue uneaten surplus food and donate it to feed hungry people in our community. FRV Logo

Reusable To-Go Containers/Cups

The environment and your pocketbook win! Purchase your own Sodexo reusable tumbler mug for coffee or other hot beverages and receive a discount at The Galley, every time. 

We also exclusively use reusable to-go containers in the cafeteria. $7.50 gets you one clean, sanitized container to fill with your choice of food and take it to-go. Just rinse and bring back and we will exchange it for a different clean, sanitized container. We wash the containers in our high-temp dishwasher and recycle them back into circulation. 


We are a trayless campus. Customers without trays typically waste less food and beverages, as we all know that at times our eyes are bigger than our stomach. Trayless dining also reduces the amount of water and detergents needed to wash trays and saves energy too! We have been trayless since 2010. We estimate that we have saved about 1,220 gallons of water every day - that's about 2,682,000 gallons of water since 2010!

Local Suppliers

We work closely with local produce distributors to maximize the fruits and vegetables purchased from local farms. Tracking local purchases helps us to meet our Better Tomorrow Plan commitment of 20% local purchase by 2020. 

Paper Recycling

On campus we recycle cardboard and paper.

Xprss Nap

Xprss Nap Dispensers save energy and waste. The napkins are made of 100% recycled paper and the dispenser will encourage customers to take (and waste) fewer napkins. Energy is saved because less power is used to recycle paper products than to create them from virgin material.

Weigh the Waste

Did you know that 40% of the food produced in our country is wasted? Periodically throughout the school year, we will conduct a Weigh the Waste event. During the event, we weigh all of the uneaten food from guest’s plates. We consolidate the findings and report back to the community. We tie this to an awareness campaign that informs guests about food waste and its impact to our environment and our communities. We hold frequent campaigns in which we compare our results (and hopefully see our waste decline).

Bulk Condiments

Individual packets of condiments are useful in some instances, but they result in extra waste. If you are dining on site or you can add the sauce to your item before you leave, please use the bulk dispensers to reduce our waste.

Recycling Fryer Oil

French fries to fuel. Indeed, our fryer oil is recycled into biodiesel that is used to power a variety of vehicles - from delivery fleets to farm equipment.

Sustainable Seafood

We are committed to serving sustainable seafood and fish. Since 2015 100% of our fish and seafood has been sustainably certified by the Marine Stewardship Council or the Best Aquaculture Practices.  We do not purchase any at-risk species.


APEX combines technology and products designed to save water and energy, minimize the impact of products on the environment, and has a built-in method of measuring results. The APEX management approach uses a tablet PC and wireless technology to communicate with the system’s controller to download, process and analyze data to establish each foodservice operation’s “rack-to-guest ratio.” By monitoring and improving this ratio, the system helps reduce the amount of water and energy used at each facility, and improve total operational efficiency.

"Green Seal" Cleaners

92% of the chemicals Sodexo uses are “Green Seal” certified, concentrated or sustainable.